working hard for something we don't care about is called stress. working hard for something we love is called passion.

A One Of A Kind Experience. A bit of who we are. Three generations of history, quality and integrity. Founded in 1967 by Mike Petro and Patrick Rothe, who we like to call "The Great Ones". It would then become a family business once the torch was passed to the second generation, David Rothe, who was a highly trained and skilled concrete legend with 45 years experience in the concrete industry. Now three generations later, history repeated itself once again. Trained by the best, and carrying on a legacy built by my father and both of my grandfathers. A family business that is truly built to last.

During the last 5 years, 1 OAK Concrete has grown to offer a wide array of options and service to our clients. We specialize in concrete reconstruction.

1 OAK Concrete has built it's reputation by putting it's customers first. There is a reason we're called One Of A Kind Concrete and it starts with great customer service and a simple desire to do high quality work. It's very noticeable throughout the process. The attention to detail we bring to every project and the cleanliness of every job site as a team to make your experience one of a kind.
Restoring timeless designs has always been a specialty here at 1 OAK Concrete. We take extreme pride in our ability to take from idea to fruition in a timely manner and within budget. Tyler Rothe always had a knack for detail oriented work and that knack has transferred to every job since. We take pride in our staff and our work alike. Our crew "pour" their hearts into their work and it shows time and time again. We thank the people of St. Albert and Edmonton for allowing us to expand so rapidly and share our vision of success. Serving customers loyally since 1967. When experience means everything, you can count on our dedicated team to bring your next dream project to reality at a fair price and most of all built to last.  

Tyler Rothe

Owner & Operator

One Of A Kind Concrete