Exposed Aggregate is a decorative finish that can be easily incorporated into almost any design style from modern to traditional and even vertical surfaces and steps. Learn more and see how Exposed Aggregate concrete can set your next repair or restoration apart from others!

We take our exposed aggregate very seriously at One Of A Kind Concrete. 
You only get one shot at exposed and it has to be PERFECT!  No matter how big or small our standard is PERFECTION. Beautiful exposure and consistency.   

Sealing exposed aggregate is a great way to protect the longevity of your surface as well as improve appearance. Sealing will enhance colors and tones found in the stone and brings it to life! Sealing your exposed aggregate will also protect against efflorescence, water damage, and oil stains. Add a specially formulated high gloss sealer to any porous surface for ultimate protection and get that "wet look" shine!  

Call One Of A Kind Concrete for all your exposed aggregate and sealing needs!